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-starting soon --- //[[:user:​maltejk|maltejk]] 2012/06/15 18:33//+'''​Welcome to learn and develop this site together.'''​ Just like Mate is about sharing and unify we propose this site to develop and share knowledge about the beloved Mate culture. 
 +Request your Password on the top right if you want to include content. We will not give your email furhter or write to you if you do not request! 
 +''​What exactly is matehacking?''​ 
 +similar to what hackers do with computers... we learn all what is about it...recognize the borders, observe the limits, research how do find old forgotten or never discoverd information,​ than make something tasty and usefull with that.  
 +For intance in Meta Mate we are drying mate as the indigenous use to do on hanging it up side down like a flower buquet on top of a fire of aromatic wood, and get it smoked on different flavours according to our desire... than we send the results to universities and check the Anti oxidant, caffeine, theobromine,​ PAH levels, etc...  
 +Another field is how to extrackt and combine it with other ingredients and make new products. On the hacker spirit we shall try to publish all the information available.  
 +Check [[http://​|]], unfortunately only in german, but we will start [[​|]] as an english plattform to organize and share mate information