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'Welcome to learn and develop this site together.' Request your Password if you want to include content. — MetaMate

What exactly is matehacking?

similar to what hackers do with computers… we learn all what is about it…recognize the borders, observe the limits, research how do find old forgotten or never discoverd information, than make something tasty and usefull with that.

For intance in Meta Mate we are drying mate as the indigenous use to do on hanging it up side down like a flower buquet on top of a fire of aromatic wood, and get it smoked on different flavours according to our desire… than we send the results to universities and check the Anti oxidant, caffeine, theobromine, PAH levels, etc…

Another field is how to extrackt and combine it with other ingredients and make new products. On the hacker spirit we shall try to publish all the information available.

Check, unfortunately only in german, but we will start as an english plattform to organize and share mate information

Here the first FAQ- what about the Caffeine Level on Meta Mate 23, 1, and Raw.

THe caffeine level depends on the source, so if the plant is stressed like in monoculture it shall have higher values, but we do not use monocolture at meta mate. THe forest origen leaves will but reduce the ammount by each step when exposing to heat. So in order of highest to low, it shall be in the meta mate range the highest the raw mate, than the second the 23, than 42, than Nr 1, and last the Craft mate. They might vary but due to the nature of the plants and soil, but the raw normally has the hightest content

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