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 1. Why does some Yerba cause an upset stomach? 1. Why does some Yerba cause an upset stomach?
-Fabricio used to experience this problem, he could not drink Mate on an empty stomache because after a few 'cuias' he would experience stomache cramps and heartburn.  However, after switching to traditionally produced barbaqua Mate that was produced by a friend of his (this eventually became Meta Mate), he discovered that he did not have this problem anymore.  We later learned from a doctor and authority on Gaucho culture that due to lack of direct contact with fire,  many industrially-dried Mates do not undergo a proper Sapeco process.  This is vital in removing certain 'toxins' from the Mate that often cause heartburn.   
-1.1 So it is important that Mate has direct contact with fire? So what about Yerbas which are not even dried over a fire, like Kraus or Barao Nativa?  
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