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= Mate and Cancer =

This is a place to collect some links regarding Mate and Cancer. I think the Dave Mate from Circle of Drink www.circleofdrink.comdid a great review on it on their side and we could start collection extra information here.

A discussion in face book with links and added info here; Tobias Lange I found some research papers on yerba mate:

Jack Mockford Fabricio, it has been well established that smoked mate leaves contain PAH's, however I'm curious to know whether your research does in fact conclusively prove that drinking your wild mate is actually significantly safer than consuming “traditional” argentine yerba. 23 hours ago via mobile · Edited · Like

Tobias Lange I will be in Berlin in October. Then Ill try some of your stuff 14 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Fabricio Krithika Do Canto Dear Jack Mockford, My reasearch naver says that, it is quite different, please tell me where it says it bcs I would like to correct. I am working in a rebrush of our web-site, on our book and this kind of information will become clear. Will let you kn…See More

start - Mate hacking Wiki the borders, observe the limits, research how do find old forgotten or never discoverd information, than make something tasty and usefull with that. 18 minutes ago · Edited · Like · Remove Preview

Fabricio Krithika Do Canto Tobias Lange looking forward to welcome you! 33 minutes ago · Like

Fabricio Krithika Do Canto Jack Mockford in case you are interested on tryed the fibered mate, the safest of all in the market, I can send you along with lab exams some samples or discuss with Daniele Flores from Project Mate Bar if we want to offer it in the USA. 16 minutes ago · Like

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